Linux virus (was RE: [plug] Windows Briefing)

Trevor Phillips phillips at
Wed Jan 3 17:13:54 WST 1996

Matt Kemner wrote:
> Sure it is possible for someone to write a Linux virus, and it can destroy
> your home directory if it wants to, but most Linux users are smart enough
> not to run any software they don't have source for, and know to avoid
> running anything as root.

Oh? How often do we run things as root?? How do we know a "configure" or
"install" script we run doesn't tweak something in the system if run as
root? How do we know that cute li'l util or app we compiled and run
doesn't do things other than advertised? Do we have to read the entire
source and setup scripts to locate malicious commands??

I suspect the lack of such "viruses" (more trojans...) is due to the
fact you know whose responsible for the code (in most cases)...

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