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During the hours of 11:07 am 18/06/98 +0800, Mike Holland wrote in email..
>On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Peter Caffin wrote:
>>Sad, innit ;). I'll eventually look into it properly. I wouldn't be
>>surprised if it was just a natty feature of olvwm I need to tweak.
>OpenLook is so passé - like 5 years.

Feh. I don't mind it, m'self. It allows me basic GUI functionality
while not placing too many demands on the system.

>Get with it!

One of the things I liked about Linux was I was able to write up a
PPP dialin script that required two lines in two files. The main
things which gave me the impetus to get into Linux as my main OS
of choice were the reports of Win98 bloatware and a gnawing
irritation with Win95 bloat.

The Windows95-esque KDE makes my skin crawl a bit. I think I'll stick
with what I'm with as it suits me better at this time ;).

Personal opinion only. I don't advocate OpenLook to others [1].

(1) I did *not* start an advocacy thread. Really, I didn't.

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