[plug] Ping...? Ahem, PING!

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Thu Jul 2 16:34:54 WST 1998

Do we have a working list now? If you don't get this, email me. (-:

What do you want to do with 4th-Monday meetings?

1. [ ] Keep it on Monday but move it to the Computer Club   <-- my vote!

2. [ ] Keep it Monday but move it to ___________________________

3. [ ] Keep it at CompSci but move it to ________days

4. [ ] Abandon it altogether

If you voted for keeping it...

A. [ ] Keep it as normally a presentation

B. [ ] Make it normally a bazaar/clinic/freeforall format

C. [ ] Other: ___________________________

Points for the UCC: space; food/drink onsite (including networked drinks
machine with Jolt); en-passant membership from the club; history at
hand; network, spares and other facilites at hand.

Points against the UCC: disabled access is hopeless; lacking
professional polish; 11PM curfew.

Points for CompSci: more respectable, whole computing lab potentially
available, OHPs etc at hand.

Points against CompSci: everyone originally voted for Monday or Tuesday,
respectively, for a reason.

Points for presentation format: more organised; everyone learns
something; it's more professional.

Points for bazaar/fooforaw format: actual problems get solved on spot;
more people contribute; DEC (sorry, Compaq) already provide the other
format; it's more "linux style."

Reply soon. Organising takes time!

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