[plug] Red Hat 5.1

Echo Labs echo at opera.iinet.net.au
Tue Jul 7 15:25:56 WST 1998

It is a GPL duplicate but pressed, not CDR.  It is for those who
don't need the commercial stuff like Applixware on a CDROM.

I find I can download all the stuff that cannot be easily put on CDROM 
because its commercial or has funny license provisions (eg qmail).


> Ralph Billes wrote:
> > RedHat 5.1 has arrived and is available from my home address (below) for
> > $20 plus delivery costs.  That's $25 COD. If you are coming to the next
> > PLUG meeting you can pick one up from me there for $10.
> Is this a real "redhat" or a GPL duplicate?
> > BTW - when is the next meeting?  Today?
> One week. Tuesday the 14th. See following post.

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