[plug] Publicity <evil grin>

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Thu Jul 9 07:34:07 WST 1998

The Thought Assassin wrote:
> So, Chris, (or anyone in the know) how many ~pentium-class machines do we
> need to round up to temporarily surpass the Avalon?

I would thumb-in-wind guess at around 300-350, if they're P200s or

> What would be the most
> impressive task to perform? I suppose for publicity a big render job might
> be best, though no doubt there are standard benchmarks for the "top 500"
> list.

RC5? (-: http://rc5.distributed.net :-)

> Anyway, I think to temporarily have one of the world's biggest
> number-crunchers would be excellent publicity for the group, should we
> want it, and a lot of fun/learning for those of us interested in the
> field.

Might be useful for UWA, as well. Chris, what would your superiors say?
Would they like UWA's name on the label somewhere?

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