[plug] Re: Is anybody out there?

David Cambell campbell at gear.torque.net
Thu Jul 9 08:05:03 WST 1998

> I've sent a couple of things to the list that haven't come back to me.
> Mailing Gary about it RSN, but in the meantime, I am CCing this directly
> to David. I really need to know if David is still giving the talk on the
> 14th, since Leon was under the impression that I was....
> And if David can't, then I suppose I will be. As you might imagine, the
> sooner I am sure the happier I will be :)

I am flying back on Sunday morning, I should have enough time to prepare
(Like about 30 hours). I am heading off shopping at Sim Lim square
(Singapore's computer part market place) this afternoon. Does anyone have a
good price on a 4x CD-ROM burner. I can pick one up here for S$550, wondering
if it is worth it (after duty included).

David Campbell

PS: Short of breaking a leg I will do the talk on Tuesday.

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