[plug] Clone Cyclade 8 port board

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Sun Jul 12 07:37:16 WST 1998

tony at ballist.net.au wrote:
> Has anyone used these boards.  They come from Taiwan and use Cirrus CD1400
> chip.  They are also cheap at around 300 for an 8 port card.

> The cyclades driver sees the card but not the IRQ.  Any help in getting
> this work would be much appriciated.  I need it working by tomorrow if
> possible  :(

Well, it's tomorrow now.

I had a similar problem with an old Stallion board. First, if it's PCI
machine and ISA card, make sure that the BIOS hasn't thieved the
interrupt for one of the PCI devices (hit Del at startup, most PCI
setups have a "PCI" section nowadays). If it's a PCI card, make sure
there's an interrupt for it to claim (but BIOS should complain

I also dealt with a taiwanese PC-COM-8 card, featuring 8x16550 and an
interrupt latch (hey, the original had 8x16540!), which was set up to
autodetect interrupts, which didn't work. Explicitly specifying the IRQ
_did_ work.

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