[plug] Clone Cyclades almost

tony at ballist.net.au tony at ballist.net.au
Sun Jul 12 09:09:18 WST 1998

Well after a lot of swearing and the offer of a trip around Perth around
10PM I finally got this sucker broken in.

Firsly the card is actually a PCCOM 8 port RISC card.  Well made little
card and cheap.  The docs suck big time and once you realise they have
hacked the cyclades driver, you will still have problems as there driver
doesn't work quite right either.  Then what devices they tell you to make
is wrong.

In the end, it all turns out very simple to get it running.  A decent half
pager and the correct driver would it.  I guess it would be an idea to put
things like this on ftp.linux.org.au....Gary???


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