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David Campbell campbell at gear.torque.net
Mon Jul 13 11:20:12 WST 1998

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> Subject:       [plug] mail delay
> Date:          Mon, 13 Jul 1998 11:09:22 +0800
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> I notice that sometimes my messages turn up at PLUG in a minute or
> three, sometimes a day or so later.
> My email is handled by an exchange server.  There's quite a bit of
> anecdotal stuff about mail bouncing off exchange servers.  I wonder if
> people using regular ISP services experience very variable mail delivery
> times or if it's confined to the real world - NT interface?

My experience with a HP at Curtin Uni shows that generally mail delivery 
is instantenous except when the main gateway is saturated. But never more 
than 6 hours delay (this is for the 1200 to 2200 hours period of maximum 
net usage).

MS-Mail (and Exchange) are designed around a "dial-out" service and not a 
direct connect network. Sendmail has options for a dial-out setup (only 
dial when there is either n messages in the queue or x hours have passed).
This is an area not many people look at, there are just too many options!!

David Campbell
campbell at torque.net

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