[plug] "Donations" required for library...

David Buddrige David.Buddrige at optum.com.au
Mon Jul 13 17:21:49 WST 1998

	 > Current request list (changes welcomed):
	 > a) StarOffice
	 > b) KDE                      (bundle this with StarOffice?)
	 > c) RedHat 5.1 (AXP)         [I have a copy of this]
	 > d) Graphics utils           (ready for the GIMP talk)
	 > e) ???????                  (suggestions anyone)

	Sounds like an Excellent idea... (however it'd probably be a good
idea to have "master" copies that either stayed with the library
co-ordinator or were required to be returned - otherwise, the library will
risks being decimated as soon as it begins)

	How about copy(s) of each of the major distributions?  esp. Caldera,
Slackware, RH 5.1, Debian?


	David Buddrige..

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