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Peter Robinson ribbo at iinet.net.au
Tue Jul 14 22:49:43 WST 1998

At 06:55  14/07/98 +0800, you wrote:
>Peter Robinson wrote:
>> About twelve months ago I remember vaguely reading about a Telex to EMail
>> gateway for Linux which you could hook one of those special Telex modems
>> (or a standard modem -> not sure which, or if there's a difference) into a
>> Linux box and all incoming Telexes would be redirected to a email address,
>> and similarly if someone wanted to send an outgoing Telex they could send
>> an email to a email address with the phone number in the subject line (or
>> somewhere) and it would send the telex to the specified number.
>> Anyway I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it??
>I have a genuine "steam-powered" ASR-33 teletype, if it helps. I
>understand that modern serial ports still do 50BPs (-:
>It makes nifty party decorations as well (using the paper tape
>Uh, who uses Telex any more?

People who have to send things to ships (ie shipping companies) and banks
as a telex line is secure so banks still use them for some things rather
than faxes. I believe most large banks still have telex capabilities,
although normally through a telex compatible PC rather than a telex
machine, the problem is that most commercial versions are about US$3000 +
some other stuff that you need so by the time you buy it all with exchange
rates, import duties etc your up for over $6000

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