[plug] Another Sexy Monitor

Doug Clulow clulow at upnaway.com
Mon Jul 13 23:02:49 WST 1998

I can get hold of the following monitors if anyone wants them.  There
will be an additional charge for delivery ( from Adelaide), which will
be passed on at cost.  Hopefully if I get a few this will reduce the
delivery charges per unit.  Anyone interested please let me know
shortly.  Anyone who has already emailed me on the topic will have the
first option.  If I buy the lot, I get a special deal which will result
in a donation to the plug library, but otherwise they seem to be a good
price..  not sure if anyone is interested in the mono monitors, even if
they are huge!

Sun Monitor, 20 Inch Mono
Number : 365-1014-01 Model : M
9 pin D-sub connector at the back

Moniterm Monitor, 20 Inch Mono
Model : VY1000
9 pin D-sub connector at the back

Mega Graphics / Video Monitors INC. , 20 Inch Mono
Model M2400-301A
9 pin D-sub connector at the back

L*VIEW or LandMac 19 Inch (?) / Sigma Designs
Model LVM-00-1900-ZM
9 pin D-sub connector at the back (I think this was used with a MAC)

DIGITAL (the models Digital) 14" Monitor that has a
series of 4 BNC connectors at the back (RGB + Sync).  The model number
is VR241-A

Apollo 16 Inch monitor that accepts an RGB signal
at the back via 3 BNC plugs.  The model number is 007284


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