[plug] Whoops!

Shane van Ingen schaine at tnet.com.au
Thu Jul 16 21:54:13 WST 1998

I'm just testing my mail set up for this plug newsletter thinggy ma whats :)

BTW... I ended up picking up a copy of Open Linux... I think it's great....
just got one problem though.. I can't figure out how to configure my modem
properly.. I could do it undr X on Redhat but I can't seem to grasp Open
yet :(

At 09:39  16/07/98 +0800, you wrote:
>Having just sent the email asking if I'm silly (read whatever 
>adjective you want in there), I received my own copy of the previous 
>message only to see that the [plug] bit was in twice.
>This is called learning the hard way!
>Damion Hill
>dhill at wantree.com.au
>Life is sexually transmitted.

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