[plug] [plug] [plug] [Plug] Print server setup query

Mike Holland myk at golden.wattle.id.au
Fri Jul 17 13:30:37 WST 1998

>  Is this a convention or do I look silly ?
> <g>

That deserves an award. May I propose some kind of trophy to be
awarded at monthly meetings? All in good fun of course.

> Read the guidelines on partitioning. You will most certainly want your
> /home directories off the primary partition.

As a quick guide: 100MB root, 700MB /usr, remainder /home. 

> > What would I have to do to get the box running as a print server for 
> > a few Win95 machines?
> Install Ghostscript. I don't recall seeing Brother mentioned but if the
> Brother emulates an Epson it will work fine. Ghostscript allows you to

But he probably has Windoze drivers for that printer, or an emulated HP,
so why bother with postscript? Unless he wants Unix printing too.

>  You can subsequently change the
> printer, change the printer definition and tell nobody.

OK thats a bonus.

Mike Holland <mike at golden.wattle.id.au>            Perth, Australia.

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