[plug] mIRC style irc clients for X

Christian Payne cpayne at q-net.net.au
Fri Jul 17 15:22:18 WST 1998

There are *MUCH* better IRC clients for X than circus!

ksirc is based on sirc (the Perl-based one) which means it extremely
powerful scripting capabilities but it's also very easy to use and
configure and is highly graphical.  The nick-completion is also extremely
nice. :)  http://www.ksirc.org  - it's designed to run with KDE but
there's a statically linked version if you don't have the necessary libs.

There's also one called yagirc (Yet Another GTK+ IRC client) which looks
quite good but I haven't got around to trying it yet so I can't really
comment on it's features.  I think they might be working on GNOME
integration but I'm not sure.

Hope this helps,


PS. This email should *NOT* be interpreted as meaning that I spend too
much time on IRC. ;-)

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Peter Caffin wrote:

> Shane van Ingen wrote:
> > I just have a question.. Where can I get some sort of good quality 
> > mIRC client for Linux under X???
> Probably the closest I've seen is cIRCus. It's a bit clunky though.
> http://www.nijenrode.nl/~ivo/circus/
> If you're using a dynamic IP net account, it'll suit you fine.
> It's more of a pig to get working properly if you've got a fixed IP
> address and you're used to running X as root. It can take a bit of
> tweaking before you'll be able to have it running satisfactorily as a
> user. More info on the discussion forums at the above URL.
> I haven't played around with BitchX (a shell for good old ircII), but,
> that may also be worth investigating.
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