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Ian Kent ian at q-net.net.au
Fri Jul 17 10:24:49 WST 1998

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Damion Hill wrote:

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> Currently it is running as an unofficial departmental intranet server. I 

Consider checking out Squid both to accelerate the local server and cache
web pages. This could reduce the traffic on your Internet link and speed
up Web access. It works well, but loves disk space and memory.

You should find it on the Redhat CD (or in the contrib area on the CD).

> am hoping I can develop it into a worthwhile resource so that the 
> manager will agree to an official status for it.
> My aim is to run it as a print server as well as web server. Beyond 
> that... I'll have to see as my experience grows.

Check out Samba. (I think @ http://samba.anu.edu.au/).
It is also part of the standard Redhat distribution. 
The SMB-HOWTO is also good value as it describes how to share printer on
the network.

I will try to put the text of a talk that I recently gave about using
Samba on http://plug.linux.org.au within the next week.


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> Once this is up and running I will get Apache working again and 
> would like to run a Brother HL-10h printer from it. Please don't 
> shudder, I know it is a shocking printer but it doesn't do the high 
> volume stuff.

Probably the best idea is to setup the printer under the standard Redhat
print filters and use the text only model. Then share it out as a text
only printer. You should be able to find a text only drivewr on the Win95
machines, but if you have NT you will need to look further. Its wasn't
part of the distribution last time I looked...a while ago though.

> What would I have to do to get the box running as a print server for 
> a few Win95 machines?
> I am prepared to experiment so any options would be appreciated. I 
> figure it will be a good place to start as I don't know enough to work 
> with yet.

Yes. I expect your efforts will pay of well with that approach.
Cheers, I hope that you can get the info you need.


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