[plug] mIRC style irc clients for X

Peter Caffin synic at omen.net.au
Thu Jul 16 16:46:23 WST 1998

hellraiser4 wrote:
>Christian Payne wrote:
>>There are *MUCH* better IRC clients for X than circus!

I believe ya! cIRCus is *very* clunky. Still, it's still beta software
(yet to get to release 1.0). It will probably end up being the most
mIRC-like one out.. eventually.

I'm still a bit of a newbie at the whole X Window System thing (it took
me ages to decide to lob Linux onto my main system at home; previous to
that I'd just had a non-X Linux 1.2.13 kernel 486-box with mono monitor
that I played with Perl with).

After messing around with CLI-only Linux for ages, X Window System has
been a blessing. It's accelerated my learning of Linux no end. Even with
that though, all sorts of stuff that I want to get into later is sort of
on the back-burner right now. Good X IRC clients, a prettier window
manager (I'm looking forward to Enlightenment, I must say; those
screenshots look great!), that sort of thing :).

>>ksirc is based on sirc (the Perl-based one) which means it extremely
>>powerful scripting capabilities but it's also very easy to use and
>>configure and is highly graphical.

Sounds interesting. Is it one of the new apps created with the Perl
compiler they were nattering on about at one stage on

>>There's also one called yagirc (Yet Another GTK+ IRC client) which 
>bezerk or gIRC?..i tried bezerk, interface is nice, needs a scripting
>language though.. okay if you just need a barebones

Probably the sort of IRC client I'm eventually after then :). At the
moment, I've been persevering with ircII in an xterm. 

>>PS. This email should *NOT* be interpreted as meaning that I spend too
>>much time on IRC. ;-)

Me either. Really!

PS: Anyone out there in a company with a need for a Unix Systems Admin

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