[plug] What should I mirror?

Gavin Tweedie tweedie at nw.com.au
Sun Jul 19 20:06:49 WST 1998

> RedHat      (5.1 Updates)
Already mirrored at ftp.download.net.au (wantree)

> Debian      (is there a good local site?)
tower.net.au and it.net.au (i think) mirror it (both present at the peering point)

> Slakware    (ftp.cs.monash.edu.au)
> StarOffice  (??? - apparently these guys don't like mirrors)
iinet mirrors it as does download.net.au i believe, ftp.linux.net.au
(q-net) has a mirror also i think.

hmm anyone mirror this yet?

Who is your office connected to (what ISP) David? - wanna know if its
present at WAIX or PIX peering points (ie. if i can grab stuff for nix)


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