(Re: [plug] What should I mirror?)^24

David Campbell campbell at gear.torque.net
Tue Jul 21 10:10:43 WST 1998

> From:          chris mcdonald <chris at cs.uwa.edu.au>

>     Hiya, Chris... would David "Zipdrive" Campbell be able to pipe into that
>     essentially for free from the UCC during meetings, or isn't UWA's
>     general byte-accounting that bright?
> Yes, UCC has IP address and will get slugged a huge 2.2c/MB for the
> transfer.

Hmm... 3Gb x 2.2x/MB => $66.00

We better becareful, Uni clubs could go bankrupt if we start doing things 
like that (unless we could account for "our" usage and reimburse them).

David Campbell

PS: I better get those CDs ready for next week (there is a meeting on the 
28th ??)
campbell at torque.net

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