[Fwd: [plug] LOCAL: PERTH, W.AUSTRALIA: PC Unix fixfest/installfest]

Matt Kemner zombie at networx.net.au
Thu Jul 23 09:13:29 WST 1998

On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, hellraiser4 wrote:

> > The purpose of the meeting will be problem-solving, so bring your
> > problems and problem-children along. Also bring distribution CDs of your
> > favourite OS and/or hard-disk images and network cards in case you or
> > someone else wants help installing it.

> Will this include installing software/setting up vital
> "stuff"/configuring/optimising etc etc? :)
> ray 
> PS: i might also have
> a new soundcard that needs configuring.. if anyone is up to it? :) 
> (audiopci) 

Is it really necessary to reply to a 600kB message by including the whole
thing (TWICE!) just to type 6 lines, when at the most all you needed to
include is the 4 lines I included of leon's post above? (and you didn't
even have to include that much because the Subject line of the message
(Installfest) to me is enough to be able to understand what your message
is referring to.

In reply to your questions, any problems/difficulties you are experiencing
with Linux, bring them along to the meeting, and I'm sure one of the gurus
will take a look at it for you.

 - Matt

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