[plug] For those not watching SlashDot or getting ThreePoint

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Thu Jul 23 09:45:53 WST 1998

David Campbell wrote:
> *apply sanity check*

> My comments on this story is that someone was trying to fit a generic
> solution (NT 4.0) to a specific problem (US Naval Ship).

Worse than that, some Zippy-the-pinhead in the US military believed
Microsoft when they said "NT runs everywhere." Right now is a _bad_ time
to join the Navy! Wouldn't you just love to be dead in the water for
over two hours in the middle of a firefight?

> For something so
> mission critical there is certainly a lot of wasted overhead in the OS. I
> have doubts that Linux would be the perfect answer for such a project
> (I know, blasphemy!).

Boo! Hiss! I can run Linux on everything between a calculator and a
supercomputer (either Fujitsu or a Beowulf). Surely a mere _battleship_
is no problem! (-:

> The feature freeze on Linux 2.1.x is starting to be
> annoying. I say bring on Linux 2.3.x!!!

Amen! (-:

David, your clock appears to be set a bit fast.

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