[plug] LOCAL: PERTH, W.AUSTRALIA: PC Unix fixfest/installfest

hellraiser4 hr4 at aceonline.com.au
Wed Jul 22 18:42:01 WST 1998

Leon Brooks wrote:

> On Monday the 27th of July, 1998 at 6:30PM, the Perth Linux Users' Group
> will hold a meeting at the University Computer Club (UCC) on Hackett
> Drive, Nedlands at the University of Western Australia. ALL welcome!
> Voice enquiries (including navigation on the day) can be made on
> 0411-655-020.
> The purpose of the meeting will be problem-solving, so bring your
> problems and problem-children along. Also bring distribution CDs of your
> favourite OS and/or hard-disk images and network cards in case you or
> someone else wants help installing it.
> PLUG is Linux based, but welcomes users of other Unix derivatives.
> Several UCC members are interested in other Unices generally and FreeBSD
> in particular. I (PLUG's lpd) also use BSDi and FreeBSD at work. We
> would be glad to unify *BSD users and either interoperate with them or
> help them start their own group or groups. As Linus says, the only
> practical difference is in the name. (-:
> If there are any *BSD groups in Perth already, please contact us!
> PLUG meets twice every month, on the second Tuesday at 7:30PM in the
> Digital (now Compaq) offices in Havelock Street near Welligton Street
> and the West Perth railway station, for a formal presentation, coffee
> and biscuits provided, and the fourth monday (this meeting), pring a few
> dollars to participate in the UCC's burgeoning snack-food economy.
> PLUG has a mailing list, which is the most reliable way of interacting
> with other PLUG members. Join it from PLUG's web-page at
> http://plug.linux.org.au or if you only have news/email access, R)eply
> to this message for instructions.
> The UCC runs Linux on many of its machines, but also runs VMS, MacOS,
> FreeBSD, and many other operating systems (maybe Solaris, VAX Unix,
> Windows, I must ask one day). It has many oddities and antiquities like
> a NeXT, working VT-220 terminals (for MUDs and Chat), a genuine XT
> motherboard with an actual 8088 (not even 8088-1) CPU and ST-412
> full-height 5MB HDD, and an on-line Coke machine (with Jolt and other
> things in it).
> The UCC's home page is at http://www.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
> Linux is a free and open but uncertified Unix implementation. Like most
> other PC Unices, it is extremely stable, runs on almost anything and can
> be made very secure. For more information about Linux, visit the
> homepage at http://www.linux.org or the "watering hole" at
> http://slashdot.org . For latest software releases, visit
> http://freshmeat.net (who also have a mailing list).
> About a year ago, several industry participants estimated the Linux
> user-base at "about 5 to 10 million," and growing at a staggering rate.
> There have been many recent articles about Linux as a mainstream OS, and
> many good supportive omens from computer industry giants like Corel and
> IBM.
> If you work with Windows, Linux (and most PC Unices) can ease
> administration difficulties by (1) not crashing (2) providing Windows
> services (3) providing firewalling, routing and similar network services
> (4) giving you about double the bang for your buck for any given
> hardware situation. To see some comparisons between Windows NT and Unix,
> visit http://www.kirch.net/unix-nt.html which is updated regularly
> (expect to see the Yorktown there soon!).
> Many PLUG members offer the expertise to assist NT-based sites in
> improving their security and reducing the load on their NT servers.
> >From Fremantlish, up along Stirling Highway and turn right into Hackett
> Drive at the traffic lights after Thomas Street/Winthrop Avenue.
> >From the northern suburbs, find your way onto Thomas Street, turn left
> at the lights in front of the University, then right into Hackett Drive.
> >From Midlandish and Kalamunda-ish, find your way along the river to
> Stirling Highway and meander past scenic King's Park until the Hackett
> Drive lights, then turn left. There is usually a large sign on the kerb
> before the lights advertising cheap fish.
> >From Armadaleish, trundle up the Albany Highway to the city, then
> proceed as above. From Leemingish, fly up the freeway and exit left off
> the Narrows Bridge, then proceed as above.
> On Hackett Drive, proceed about 400m south. On your left at this point,
> you will see a small car-park and a toilet block, on your right an
> entrance to UWA. Park somewhere here. Most commercial roadmaps show a
> pair of jetties on the river near here. The UCC is in the south-east
> corner of the building to the west of you (your right hand as you
> arrive).
> There is an on-line map at:
> http://www.general.uwa.edu.au/support//disability/maps/
> We're interested in the section at F6, which is enlarged and shown at
> about H/I 3/4. The UCC is on the third floor in the bottom right corner
> of the largest blob in the enlargement, coded "building with all floors
> generally accessible," which is a lie in this case, but if your
> wheelchair's light there will be no shortage of sedan-bearers!
> You can view a virtual tour of the UCC and some of its environs at:
> http://www.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/~james/virtual-tour/guild-tavern/tavern-corner-west.html
> ...which is very informative and worth doing.

Will this include installing software/setting up vital "stuff"/configuring/optimising
etc etc? :)

PS: i might also have a new soundcard that needs configuring.. if anyone is up to it? :)

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