[plug] html FORM - help desired

John Darrington j.darrington at student.murdoch.edu.au
Thu Jul 23 13:38:15 WST 1998

> A school which I support in a minor way has an html form which it wants to
> be available on its web page.  The form has input for name and address etc
> etc and the idea is that it arrives at the school somewhere.
> I have no knowledge of this sort of thing, though I would presume that
> there would be an sql database involved somewhere.
> Is this going to be a difficult problem for me, or would some brave soul
> point me toward appropriate info or even help me via email?
I am not a expert myself. You should read about CGI and Javascript.  SQL
would only be required, if you wanted to put the info on a database, but that
is another thing.  Javascript is used to create the form, and do some simple
error checks.  CGI allows the server application to take the info and do something 
with it.

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