[plug] Other uses for SVGATextMode found :)

Peter Caffin synic at omen.net.au
Tue Jul 21 21:17:24 WST 1998

Matt Kemner wrote:
>On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, Gary Allpike wrote:
>>The important thing to note here is that you will not see bootup 
>>messages or anything of that nature on the monmitor until
>>svgatextmode kicks in.
>Which is why I moved my svgatextmode load command right at the top of 
>my /etc/init.d/boot, so it kicks in as soon as init kicks in, which 
>before my kernel messages have scrolled off the screen so I even get to
>see the "Uncompressing the kernel" etc messages.. And if my machine 
>unexpectantly fail to boot, I can easily plug my spare 14" monitor in.

Interesting stuff, this.

I have an AITech PSC1106 VGA-PAL converter box. It converts a VGA signal
into a PAL signal (which is 50 Hz, so I hear). Unfortunately, the
driver's only available for DOS/Windows.

Without the DOS/Win driver, the signal appears clear but with an
unstable roll. This program looks perfect for the task. I'll see if I
can get it working with svgatextmode and report back :).


Thanks, guys, for mentioning this utility :). 

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