[plug] Cable/card for Sun monitor, Novell network terminals

Matt Kemner zombie at networx.net.au
Fri Jul 24 17:03:18 WST 1998

On Fri, 24 Jul 1998, Leon Brooks wrote:

> > ModeLine "1152x900" 89.946 1152 1160 1256 1456 900 900 907 936 -hsync -vsync

> > This is on a "standard" ET6000 vid card.
> Would a cruddy old ET4000 do it? Or a S3 Virge PCI?

As long as it will handle a dot clock of 89.946 (the first number) and
will do resolutions of 1152x900 you should be fine.

If you have 1MB vid ram you'll just be able to do 1152x900x256 colours
(1152x900x1bit colour = 1036800 Bytes = 1012.5 kB - 11.5k short of a MB)
If you have 2MB you can do 16bit colour (which is enough for me)

> Oh, well, maybe there's a way. I might delve into SVGAlib source and/or

SVGAlib claims to be able to support modelines for "some cards", but I
guess the ET6000/ET4000 isn't one of those cards.  (they don't even
support the ET6000 yet so my card has to emulate ET4000, so I'm not
getting the speed out of it for games anyway)
as far as I can tell, svgalib isn't being developed anymore, which leads
me to ponder why all the linux console games (like doom & quake etc) are
being written for it....

> look at GGI.

Yeah I might have to start looking into that...

 - Matt
P.S. setting up this monitor taught me LOTS about XF86Config and modelines
et al, and I _will_ do a plug talk about it some time, but perhaps not in
the forseeable future cos of my heavy workload.

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