[plug] 20" Monitors

Doug Clulow clulow at upnaway.com
Wed Jul 22 22:31:53 WST 1998

> On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, Neil Hunt wrote:
> > Where does one get one of these "$150" , 20" monitors, surely the hassles
> > of getting it to work are worth it in the end!

I am expecting delivery of one on Monday.. if it arrives OK  I will order some
mono ones, will post details once I know the freight costs.  Or better still, I
am going to a computer auction on Thurs 30th.  And will see what I can pick up
there, it seems that anything that size from another state is about $100 ish in
courier charges.

I will need some help with how to make mine work, but as an electronics
technician I may be able to help if someone needs one repaired,  leads made up
and such.

The idea of getting a really big monitor for the price of a second hand SVGA is
extremely appealing, and there seems to be a lot of interest  Perhaps a monitor
modification evening would be a good topic for a meeting night?


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