[plug] Re: Getting RedHat 5.1 in Perth

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Mon Jul 27 09:32:29 WST 1998

skribe wrote:
> On 17-Jul-98 Leon Brooks wrote:
> > Try [edit] Hardware House in Perth, many other places. Stocks vary; 'phone
> > first.
> I just bought the last copy from Hardware House.  They are quite eager to get
> more stock in though and they seem quite interested in linux though they
> don't know overly much about it.  The guy was blown away when I told him that
> my machine had been up a month =).

Smileys's proxy (BSDI) has been up over 50 days, last down was a power
outage. Previous down was someone typing Ctrl-Alt-Del on what they
thought was a different keyboard... The dialins (Linux) have only been
up a couple of weeks; I didn't _need_ to reboot them last time, but I
have them running on serial consoles now and wanted to be sure they'd
boot OK if the power failed. The Win95 machines go down every night, and
most of them have locked up at least twice by that time.

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