[plug] The End Is Near/navigating tonight

Leon Brooks leonb at ami.com.au
Mon Jul 27 15:09:30 WST 1998

David Campbell wrote:
> > > I hope someone is going to stick a few signs up for the lost souls...

> > "Repent now, the end is near?" (-:

> 523 days to go till the new millenium and half of the computing comunity
> hit the /dev/null in a big way.

William Miller would spin in his grave...

> > There will be signs (A4 sized, at least) on the median strip in Stirling
> > Highway and Hackett Drive.

> Good. The best I could make of the instructions from the web page was
> third floor of one the buildings in the UWA Guild complex.


Find the biggest brown shape in the enlargement, and look for a
stairwell on the bottom right corner of it. And take the Virtual Tour
for familiarisation. (-:

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