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tony at ballist.net.au tony at ballist.net.au
Tue Jul 28 10:28:23 WST 1998


Just use the network configuration tool under X...it will creat your dial
out which can also be executed from a standard shell.

For dialins you need mgetty.


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On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Matt Hutchinson wrote:

> Hi all,
> Need some help with the ol' RedHat 5.1
> 1.) I need to mkae it so someone can dial into my box, via my modem on
> Com2. What are the appropiate lines I have to add to my inittab and ttys?
> 2.) Can someone send me (minus their passowrd!) the files they use to
> establish a PPP connection to an ISP using a dynamic address?
> MANY thanks,
> Matt.
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