[plug] Last night's meeting...

Gavin Tweedie tweedie at nw.com.au
Tue Jul 28 15:06:08 WST 1998

> IMHO a rather poor showing last night, I seemed to be the only one trying 
> to solve problems (now how do I jumper this CD-ROM drive for master...)

I was aiming to come, but we had errm a rather large failure at work over
here which meant i was unable to attend (unless you guys were still going
at about 12midnight :)

Maybe next time have point out at the start who knows what and is able to
help with what. ie. no point having someone who could be helping with some
C code or something doing jumpers on a cdrom.
Maybe a quick introduction of some sort saying,
"so-and-so can help with any network problems"
"so-and-so can help with any hardware problems"

Just a suggestion.

-Netway Internet

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