[plug] Last night's meeting...

Lindsay Allen allen at cleo.murdoch.edu.au
Tue Jul 28 19:45:20 WST 1998


Another big "thank you" from me for my Debian 2 CD which I am very pleased
to have.  As far as helping goes, I very much like to help, but feel a bit
like an amateur with all those experts around. Right now I do not own a
CD-R but I am still interested in the process of burning a CD.  Next time
you do it would you paste the commands used (cp -a, hdparam, mkisofs,
cdrecord) with their parameters into a message and post it here so that I
can see how it all works?

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On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, David Campbell wrote:

> > From:          spice at q-net.net.au (Gary Allpike)
> > Did the debian CD's make it to the meeting OK ?
> >From memory last night I burnt:
> 2x Debian 2.0 binary disks
> 2x "Stuff" disks
> 2x RedHat 5.1
> The "Stuff" CD consists of:
> a) Debian contrib
> b) KDE
> c) RedHat 5.1 updates
> d) SO4 (you can figure this TLA out for yourself)
> My home machine took one look at the debian bin CD at bootup and said 
> "I'll boot off the CD-ROM". I did not continue any further other than 
> that. I finally managed to figure out how to make the RedHat disks 
> CD-bootable (a case of RTFM).
> Three machines were disasembled and reassembled on the night:
> a) An old 8086 XT "portable" (a quick look at the contents)
> b) My office machine (swapped CD-ROM for CD-R)
> c) My home machine   (swapped CD-R for CD-ROM)
> IMHO a rather poor showing last night, I seemed to be the only one trying 
> to solve problems (now how do I jumper this CD-ROM drive for master...)
> At our next meeting I will probably hide somewhere up the back taking 
> orders at the start and quietly burn CDs during the seminar. Please note 
> that I will only burn CDs for people who place orders (and pay) at the 
> meeting (no email orders). I prefer people to pick up distribution CDs 
> from a reputable supplier (eg LSL).
> David Campbell
> =======================================================
> campbell at torque.net
> The feature freeze on Linux 2.1.x is starting to be
> annoying. I say bring on Linux 2.3.x!!!

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