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Coax is 185 metres or 200 yards (hence 10-Base-2) (to correct the wildly
misleading 180 m previously quoted).  Thick Ethernet will go 500 yards
but will blow your budget.  You can buy solder terminators to save
buying a crimp tool for this cable.  You MUST use the tee-pieces
(supplied with the hub) and 50 ohm terminators (you probably have to buy
these) on this cable.  You can have 30 devices on the coax if that
really matters.  You must not have any devices closer than (I think) 1.5
m from each other.

You can buy hubs much cheaper than Black Box ones.  Make sure you get
hubs with a coax connector!  Smart hubs (ie managed or SNMP) are
expensive - don't bother.

Maximum length of twisted pair is 100 m (per port).  Look up T568A and
T568B on the web so you know the difference when you do the twisted
pair.  (Use either, but BE CONSISTENT!).  You'll need a cheap crimp tool
minimum.  If you want a patch panel or if you want sockets on the wall
rather than leads coming out you'll need a Krone tool to push the wires
into the sockets (or some equivalent).  You should test the cables - my
Fluke 1620 is very nice (that's the price as well as the model number!)
but you can make something a bit dodgy with LEDs and a DIP switch.  Your
wiring may be perfect but I've had sockets that just don't work.

Try DataComm, ph 9359 0099.


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> Hi,
> Can some knowledgeable person direct to a document that talks about
> cabling for a 10Mb/s ethernet LAN.
> My daughter's primary school has a computer lab (currently not LAN'd)
> that they wish to connect the Internet.
> I need to do a big run from one building to another (Computer Lab to
> Library) which is 100m+ and several multi-metre runs within the
> library.
> I envisage running coax between building and cat5 within. I need to
> know
> critical lengths of cable. Max bus length etc.
> Can anyone help?
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