[plug] OH NO! No hard drive space!

Peter Caffin pc at it.net.au
Tue Jul 28 20:06:12 WST 1998

Matt Hutchinson wrote:
> I can't believe it...
> Not enough hard disk space...
> What's the first thing/s I can delete to free up some space?

If you've got two Unix/Linux boxes, see what you can share with NFS.
Share Linux Quake from one system, that sort of thing.. 

Otherwise, along with the unneeded window managers someone else
suggested, you could purge /usr/doc/, pick through your /home/ftp/pub
and remove unneeded stuff (back up, if wanted), use your setup program
to remove components you installed initially that you've found you never
actually used, that sort of stuff.

In the end, when I last did the 'oh-my-gawd, the disk's full' gasp, I
ended up doing a purge.. then I got the urge to reinstall Linux and I
ended up with a smaller system because I knew what I really needed
there.. It's also a good time to upgrade to newer versions of
applications, too.

Oh well.. hope I haven't rabbitted on too much about utter crap..

BTW, use 'df' to check how much disk space you have free on your various
partitions and NFS drives.

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