[plug] 20" DEC colour monitor, how to resolve sync?

David Campbell campbell at gear.torque.net
Thu Jul 30 08:54:45 WST 1998

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> Subject:       [plug] 20" DEC colour monitor, how to resolve sync?
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> Hi All
> I just received a monitor bought in Adelaide, it is a DEC VR290 with
> three BNC connectors, RGB with sync on green.  I am hoping someone knows
> how I make it work..  I have found a copy of modeline / clock settings,
> but don't know how to set up the cable.. I have a Trio 64V2 video card
> which I have not yet made to work (well) with Linux, I also have  Cirrus
> Logic 5440, which worked well but with limited colours due ot only 1M of
> video RAM.
> Also, if anyone has a copy of the technical manual or circuit diags for
> the monitor which I could borrow/hire/buy, I may be able to work out how
> to modify the beast to work with a wider range of OSs or cards.

I have a DEC 21" monitor with original SVGA to BNC connectors, one or two 
of the wires are flakey but you are welcome to borrow it.

*grab DEC monitor manual and slit shrink wrap*

Pin	Signal
1	Red
2	Green
3	Blue
4	Ground (General cable shield)
5	DDC Ground (monitor talking to PC)
6	Red Ground
7	Green Ground
8	Blue Ground
9	N/C
10	Sync Ground
11	Ground (General cable shield)
12	DDC Data
13	Hoz Sync (White BNC)
14	Vert Sync (Black BNC)
15	DDC Clock

David Campbell
campbell at torque.net

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annoying. I say bring on Linux 2.3.x!!!

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