[plug] 20" DEC colour monitor, how to resolve sync?

Doug Clulow clulow at upnaway.com
Thu Jul 30 21:24:01 WST 1998

Correct Matt, sync on green it is!  The URL you came up with was exactly the
sort of thing I sent several hours trying to find the other night, and the
links took me almost directly to the actual circuit diagram I need to get
started at
Will start working on it and post the results when I get some..


Matt Kemner wrote:

> So far the best resource I have found on fixed-freq monitors is
> http://rugmd0.chem.rug.nl/~everdij/hitachi.html
> It talks mainly about the Hitachi HM-4119 Series (like mine) but has many
> links to other places talking about other fixed-freq monitors, including
> several links to places with circuits for sync-on-green monitors (which
> yours most likely is, since it has only 3 BNC plugs - Red Green and Blue)

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