[plug] Hard Drive Woes

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Fri Jul 31 04:22:07 WST 1998

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Shackleton, Kevin wrote:

> I vaguely recall that some VGA cards use IRQ 2/9 for their graphic
> modes.  This might interfere with a PS/2 mouse.

The PS/2 mouse is hardwired to IRQ 12.
EIDE0 (two drives) uses IRQ 14.
EIDE1 (two drives) uses IRQ 15.
My onboard SCSI is hardwired to IRQ 9.

PCI IRQs are supposed to be sharedable. However, my SMC Etherpower II
(epic) does not share.

> K.
> > ----------
> > From: 	skribe[SMTP:skribe at amber.com.au]
> > 
> > trying to startx either results in X crashing or
> > results in a VERY slow machine and the mouse not working.  Could this
> > somehow
> > be an IRQ clash between the second disk and the mouse?

like my sig!!

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