[plug] Fried partition table

John Summerfield summer at os2.ami.com.au
Fri Jul 31 04:32:24 WST 1998

Anyone here competent to assist with repair of my fried partition table?

I've been busily programming and a disk scan find what looks to be the
missing partition entry BUT I still don't find all the existing entries
when I attempt to follow the links.

It's all very educational. I'd thought the partition tale was contained in
a few sectors at the 0 end of the drive. Not so: they're scattered all
over the place. Not surprising one got lost.

My project for the day is to try to reject some of the "tables" I find
when I scan for sectors ending with the magic number: if the table
contains improbable partition codes (eg a2) in any position & a few other
sanity checks, 

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