[plug] Is there a meeting on Aug 11th???

The Thought Assassin assassin at sleepless.south.networx.net.au
Fri Jul 31 15:38:39 WST 1998

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, David Campbell wrote:
> Is there a meeting on 11th of Aug ? (second Tuesday of the month at the 
> Digital Building). GIMP isn't it? (someone needs to serious vi the web 
> page).

There is definitely a meeting, and definitely on the second tuesday,
almost certainly it will be on the GIMP. There is a slight possibility
that I will be unable to do the talk, but this will only be if I have
already organised with Tony for him to compare and contrast 3 or 4 office
suites/wordprocessors available under Linux. At this stage, though I am
fairly certain it will be the GIMP.


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