[plug] Need a video projector

Leon Brooks leon at smileys.net
Fri Oct 2 07:40:04 WST 1998

Leon Brooks wrote:
> The arrangements for a video projector for tonight have come
> unstuck (and yes, we will use the slide projector as well;
> parallel processing at its best).

Solved, thanks UWA CompSci and Claire! (-:

BTW, a "slide" in Yankee means an OHP sheet...

Nice talk by HPA, lots said about processors, very little about

For those who didn't attend, HPA has 5 fixed machines in his office,
plus a nice notebook and a PalmPilot, including an Alpha nad a Sparc.
The office gets warm if you close the door. His personal machine is a
dual P2-400.

AutoFS looks like an indispensible product for medium-size and larger
software companies.

Linus has a fixed list of "this must be done" for the 2.2 kernel
release, which at the moment looks like taking less than two months to
complete. This list is different to Alan's.

I presume that Ian Kent or someone will make a detailed report.

Our next meeting (13 Oct) will feature our busy named showing and
comparing many of the available office software, specifically including
StarOffice, ApplixWare and Lyx.

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