[plug] HPA Talk

David Campbell campbell at torque.net
Fri Oct 2 09:39:01 WST 1998

From:           	Matt Kemner <zombie at networx.net.au>

> On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Leon Brooks wrote:
> > Nice talk by HPA, lots said about processors, very little about
> > TransMeta.
> Nice talk indeed.. Perhaps HPA's quote of the night was a "You're Sick!"
> directed at Leon.  (For those who couldn't attend, Leon had just shared
> with us his dream of seeing an SMP machine where you could boot one
> processor while compiling a kernel on the other)

*chuckle quietly*

There are ways of doing this but it requires basically two complete 
computers with a chunk of memory (not all - critical point) shared between 
them. When the machine boots it would have two kernels running and not an 
SMP kernel - hence it is no longer SMP.

David Campbell

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