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David Campbell campbell at torque.net
Fri Oct 2 13:24:50 WST 1998

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> I have just written this script
> umount /mnt/cdrom
> eject
> echo Change CD, press Enter to continue . .
> read
> mount /mnt/cdrom
> After discovering I had to chmod it to make it executable, I was able to
> run it.  However it does not echo the prompt.  Why is that?  Does this
> script not take over the console while it runs?

Firstly try:
echo "Change CD, press Enter to continue..."

Secondly please place the script program in the first line, eg:
This is to ensure that the script is run using bash (/bin/sh under linux is 
bash). Not all shell scripts are equal, then again not everyone uses perl as 
their login shell (although I know someone who I suspect does!)

David Campbell
campbell at torque.net

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