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> Does anyone know of any tricks that I might be able to use to get 800meg
> of stuff (mp3s) on 1 cd???
> I dont think theres any way possible...but no harm in asking

There are 80 minute CD-R blanks => 722 MB
a) non standard
b) hard to find
c) Microsoft tries to put the manufacturers out of business since you can
	then copy the "MS Select" CDs (I quote a reputable CD-R supplier in
	Singapore - which has offices in Australia)

How do you count the 800MB of mp3s?
(please excuse my ignorance on mp3 files)

CD-ROMs have a "blocking factor" of 2kB, hence the total count could be 
greater or smaller than you have counted. Check how much space is 
reported for a one byte file. (32kB on one of my FAT partitions, 1kB for ext2fs)

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