[plug] Non-rewinding devices under Linux

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Sat Oct 10 09:09:49 WST 1998

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Subject:        	[plug] Non-rewinding devices under Linux
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> I've got a Linux server at work with a DAT drive and I'm putting together a
> backup script which ultimately writes everything to the tape.
> On other Unixen (Digital, HP, AIX etc) SCSI tape devices have an entry in
> /dev which refers to the device in 'non rewind mode' - for example, the
> normal (rewinding device) might be :
> 	/dev/s0t0d0
> and the non-rewinding device would be :
> 	/dev/s0t0d0n

*load shotgun*

You are getting very close to a subject that most SCSI kernel hackers fear to 
tread, SCSI device numbering. Some argue it should be /dev/sda others say 
/dev/sd6 (eg ID 6).
> It's useful when you want to write (for example) a header block on the tape
> which identifies the backup cycle.
> Linux doesn't have the equivalent device, so how do I do the same thing?

Huh?? I thought it did with minor numbers +0x80 from memory, just a 
moment while I dive into the code and check drivers/scsi/st.c

David Campbell

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