[plug] kernel modules story in linux Journal

Greg Mildenhall greg at networx.net.au
Mon Oct 19 09:35:02 WST 1998

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, jon kitchin wrote:

> i have always had trouble with my redhat 5.1 both plain and Mandrake
> this story in the October issue of LJ has got my kerneld working for the
> very first time in RH51

Glad to hear it.
For others out there, the easiest way to get module auto-loading working
is to upgrade to 2.1. It handles autoloading far more smoothly, and is now
more stable as the 2.0. series, since it has newer versions of many
drivers. Remember to keep a copy of your old kernel, and read the
linux/Documentation/Changes carefully before taking the plunge, or things
_will_ break, most notably pppd.
If you have a piece of hardware that is broken by the transition, then
you'll be able to submit a bugreport and ensure that your hardware will
work under 2.2 when it arrives.

-Greg Mildenhall

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