[plug] Proxy serving, and dial-on-demand

John Breen wombat at mad.scientist.com
Thu Oct 1 09:09:04 WST 1998

> > To the original poster: since you are new to linux, I assume you don't
> > know what masquerading is... Masquerading allows linux to proxy all
> > types of internet connections, transparently - instead of WinGate, which
> > has a seperate proxy for each major service, 

Oops, I missed that one, or I'd never have let it lie....

I'm not exactly new to Linux, just to linux networking and to 
internet gatewaying stuff.

Basically what I wanted to do was to use my linux box to emulate 
what I had going with WinGate - one machine connects to the net, 
all the other machines on the lan use that as their gateway.

I don't have a permanent net connection, just a dialup, so I have a 
dynamically allocated IP when I'm on the net.  I think I can get that 
sorted out, and someone gave me a copy of diald, which does the 
dial-on-demand thing.  I just wasn't sure of where to start with 
getting all the other machines able to see out.  But IP Proxying 
fixes that.
> Yeah, what he said......
> In all of those words ending in P (http,ftp,nntp,smtp,pop), the P stand
> for protocol. Likewise in "IP" and "TCP". The specific protocols mentioned
> run over the TCP protocol, which runs over of the IP protocol. Whereas
> proxies for those individual services speak and understand their specific
> protocol, (speaking them on your behalf) IP masquerading does the same for
> the TCP/IP protocol, with the effect that all of the protocols running
> over TCP/IP are already being proxied on a lower level, so in most cases
> they will work as they always did, without being aware of the proxying.
> FTP is a little different, because it tries to create a second connection
> in the other direction (from server to client), which the proxy can not
> handle, hence the need for the module mentioned earlier. (which is a
> workaround to create the reverse connection properly.)
> > (you can even play quake over your masqueraded link.. I'd like to see
> > that with wingate (: )
> I can assure you you wouldn't. :)
> -Greg Mildenhall

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