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John Breen wombat at mad.scientist.com
Thu Oct 1 22:59:10 WST 1998

> On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, John Breen wrote:
> > Thanks to those who e-mailed me info on IP masquerading - you 
> > know who you are :)
> Do we get a summary of the shy ones' advice?
Yep.  As soon as I get around to it.
> I'd like to suggest _one_ proxy that could be useful: wwwoffle
> It allows browsing of cached files when offline, filtering of adverts, and
> auto-fetching regular pages.
> By 'dial-on-demand' do you mean to dial-up every time a packet is
> received from the LAN for the outside world? I suspect not.
No. not really.  That seems to be the way things like wingate and 
midpoint gateway work under windows via the ras (oops, that's nt - 
dun in windows 95) API.  I suppose it's what I'm used to though.

it helps that my e-mail program (pegasus) queues mail locally until 
it's told to connect, and my news reader can queue requests until 
it's online too.  I'm not so fortunate with the web.

My ISP (well, the man who runs it) gave me a copy of a daemon 
called diald or something similar which implements dial-on-
demand.  I just need to get a CD-ROM so I can set it up now.


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