[plug] IMAP directory services?

David Griffiths griffith at environ.wa.gov.au
Mon Oct 26 15:17:31 WST 1998

Does anyone know of any IMAP clients (mac + pc + optional unix/linux) that
support decent directory services?

We (Dept of Environmental Protection) are looking for an alternative
(server + clients for PC's and macs - unix/linux would be nice too) to
quickmail (proprietry system orginally written for macs) for our
Departmental email services.

I would be interested to hear of open alternatives (SMTP based) - linux
based server software would be a bonus.

Being able to easily select all or a subset of email addresses on the list
as recipients would be really useful.

Are people widely using the ph servers (eg cso/ph server or Eudora Internet
Mail Server) for POP clients or is LDAP more widely used (eg netscape))?

Any views/experiences/comments/flames welcome :-)

thanks in advance,



  David Griffiths                               griffith at environ.wa.gov.au

  Department of Environmental Protection            Phone:   (08) 9222 7151
  141 Westralia Square                              Fax  :   (08) 9222 7099
  Perth 6000
  Western Australia

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