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> Hello All
> I wished to perform a simple operation using sed to search for the
> string
> GAWK(1)^I
> as the output of cat -A gawk.txt will show.
> What I wished to do was, search for the string GAWK(1) and the following
> tab and replace it with a form feed character, the string Gawk(1) and
> the tab character. 
> I tried using sed 's/GAWK(1)\11/\14Gawk(1)\11/' gawk.txt
> This did not match any lines in the file.

You don't need the \11, an imbedded tab would of worked.
> Also is there a form of hex dump program like the ones found in the
> CP/M  world.

Every addict should know this one: "od"
You will need a few flag options since the default is an octal dump.

David Campbell
campbell at torque.net

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