[plug] rdate time servers in WA?

peter caffin pc at it.net.au
Wed Sep 2 21:51:18 WST 1998

During the hours of 04:48 am 31/08/98 +0800, Shane & or Joanne Cunard wrote
in email..
>Excuse me for spotting this but your machines date maybe slipping as
>according to the date stamps on the messages quoted below you replied to the
>message before it was sent ;-)

Yep, unfortunately my home box has a dickie battery and so doesn't keep the
time well when it's switched off. I update the time when I notice it's
significantly out (which probably isn't often enough).

BTW, can anyone confirm if the server time.iinet.net.au responds to rdate
requests these days? I compiled the source to Debian rdate on my Slackware
box but never got a response from that server.. 

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