[plug] rdate time servers in WA?

Matt Kemner zombie at networx.net.au
Thu Sep 3 09:46:56 WST 1998

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, peter caffin wrote:

> Yep, unfortunately my home box has a dickie battery
> BTW, can anyone confirm if the server time.iinet.net.au responds to rdate
> requests these days? I compiled the source to Debian rdate on my Slackware
> box but never got a response from that server.. 

You're better off using "xntp3" instead (also a debian package and
available as source for your slackware box)
There are a multitude of ntp time servers on the 'net, including (from
what I can tell with ntptrace) the web server at IT, which would be your
closest time server (just point xntpd at www.it.net.au, but it may be a
good idea to mail IT's sysadmin just to double check he doesn't mind you
doing that :)
www.it.net.au sync's itself to classic.iinet.net.au, which sync's itself
to tictoc.tip.csiro.au which is directly connected to an atomic clock.

There are also several NTP clients for windows95/NT, of which the one I
use is "Dimension 4", which can be found (for win95/98) at
http://tucows.iinet.net.au/sync95.html and (for NT)

I have all the servers and staff personal computers at Networx synchronize
to each other, and to the time server at csiro.
Everyone on the 'net should have their clocks synced to an atomic clock,
because if you ever get hack attempts/someone nukes you/whatever, and you
want to complain to the remote sysadmin, you're wasting his time if you
can't tell him the exact time it occured. (9 out of 10 emails I get as a
sysadmin complaining that "a user on your modem XXX tried to nuke me at
3pm" don't mention if their clock is synced, and usually don't even
include a timezone, leaving me guessing whether or they mean 3pm UTC, 3pm
Perth time, 3pm EST or any other timezone around the globe)

 - Matt

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